Will I get personal attention? Will my doubts be cleared? Will I have direct access to Sandeep?

YES! You can write to topgmatdoubts@gmail.com for all your academic doubts. This ID is directly handled by me (Sandeep). I am always there to help.

What happens if I lose the Pen Drive / if I change my computer?

You must try that such an eventuality doesn't arise. If such a situation does occur, you will have to talk to us personally about this. We will see how we can help you on a case-to-case basis.

Will I surely get a 760+ score?

I can guarantee one thing: even at the level of 760+, you will not find even one unfamiliar question on your test (only if you follow exactly everything we ask you to follow).

BUT a student who gets a 780 score also studies from the same GRE course as the student who gets a 610 score. So the difference is not in the instruction / service quality. The difference is clearly in the effort put in by YOU. My efforts are the same for all the students. Eventually, it is your efforts that will count.

Also, the execution during those four hours will eventually decide your score. If you can't sleep the night before, go blank and keep staring at the screen, lack concentration / stamina etc. no matter how much you prepare, you can't do well.

How is the GRE course different from the classroom course?

Absolutely no difference. I repeat: absolutely no difference. You are going to get the GREs of the sessions that were recorded LIVE with a 100+ audience. So all the common / uncommon doubts that you may have .... have already been answered in the GREs. If you are still skeptical, watch the feedback of Cristian again (here). He says that he didn't have to contact us even once for even one doubt.

Is the material covered in the GRE course enough?

Again, refer to the same feedback from Cristian (here), who says that he didn't need to refer to any other material at all. ​The material is absolutely exhaustive; you won't have to study anything else at all.​

For many other questions, we have compiled a list of FAQs.

Please go through the below PDF (FAQs) fully and watch all the GREs.




The GRE course will be provided to you in electronic media containing the following:

Complete GRE-recordings (over 60 hours) of all the LIVE teaching of GMAT classes of Sandeep Gupta - the foremost GMAT Trainer in Asia.

All the material (online) will be provided by us.

You are not supposed to study anything else at all.

Complete Material (the most exhaustive content on this planet) includes:

In addition our own content, you will get all the usual content: